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Mississauga backs Kipling subway makeover

By: Joe Chin

June 13, 2007 - The inter-regional transit terminal at Kipling subway station will soon be given the green light — and lots of green bucks — by the City of Mississauga. City staff is recommending that $5.5 million be taken from federal gas tax reserve funds to pay for the City’s share of the project. Mississauga Transit is partnering with GO Transit and the TTC on the $30-million development, slated for completion by the second quarter of 2010. That’s when Mississauga buses must vacate the existing terminal at Islington subway station.

Each weekday, Mississauga Transit transports some 20,000 passengers to and from the facility, which is owned by the TTC.

However, the City of Toronto has a major interest in developing the lands and is in final discussions with a purchaser who wishes to develop offices on the site.

“To continue to maintain integration of services between Mississauga Transit and the TTC, it is proposed that a new inter-regional transit terminal be constructed at Kipling subway station, which will accommodate Mississauga Transit and GO Transit buses, which will interface with TTC bus and subway services,” said the City’s commissioner of transportation and works, Martin Powell, in a report to councillors.

The new terminal, Powell noted, will also be used as the terminus point for Mississauga’s Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), which is planned to run along Hwy. 403/Eglinton Ave.

The preliminary design of the Kipling bus terminal shows 14 bus bays — 10 for Mississauga Transit and four for GO.

So that Mississauga buses can continue to provide service to the Bloor/Islington area, the City will use an on-street bay on Islington Ave.

“It would be appropriate that the City of Mississauga pay for the cost of this, if requested,” said Powell.

Since the bulk of the funds is coming from GO Transit, through the Ministry of Transportation, GO will own, operate and maintain the new terminal. Mississauga’s one-time $5.5-million contribution means it will not have to make lease or rental payments to anyone. This year, that amounts to $321,000.

The City, however, will share in the maintenance of the new terminal, based on the percentage of Mississauga Transit passengers and GO Transit passengers flowing through the facility.

“This will be substantially less than the current rental payments to the TTC at Islington,” said Powell.