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TTC told to cut security cameras from budget

Feb. 16, 2007

The Toronto Transit Commission has been asked to slash more than $20 million in funding for security cameras in subway stations and on buses from its 2007 capital budget.

Members of the budget committee voted Friday to request the TTC remove $5.8 million for subway security and $14.4 million for bus security from this year’s budget.

The committee wants the project placed on hold until the city has developed an overall security policy and until the federal government commits to funding at least 75 per cent of the cost.

“We haven’t canned it. What the budget committee has asked is that we go back and look at a framework. Clearly there needs to be increased security measures on the TTC,” chair Adam Giambrone said.

“The TTC is the third largest (transit system) in North America and cameras are an important part of security both on our surface routes as well as in the subways.”

TTC chief general manager Gary Webster said the project is an important initiative for the system.

“Essentially what the commission needs to do is decide how we respond to what’s happened today,” Webster said, noting that decision will be made at the next commission meeting Feb. 27.