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Glencairn bus line now accessible

Jan. 10, 2007

The TTC has taken another step toward making its entire service accessible to those with disabilities with the introduction of accessible buses on its 14 Glencairn route.

As of Sunday, buses travelling along the route came equipped with flip-ramps or lifts to allow riders using wheelchairs or scooters to board. The buses have a “kneeling” feature, by which the driver can lower the bus to better enable those with disabilities to enter. The vehicles also have movable seats into which wheelchairs or scooters can be locked to ensure safe travel. The change, coupled with the implementation of accessible buses on the 125 Drewry route in North York, means that 93 of the TTC’s 166 bus routes are accessible.

TTC spokesperson Marilyn Bolton said that close to two-thirds of the total number of buses in the TTC’s fleet are equipped for those using wheelchairs or scooters.

“We’re working as hard as we can to get our entire fleet accessible, but it all depends on money,” she said. “Like a household, we can’t put all of our money into any one pot. We can’t just spend on one area and neglect others.”

Bolton added that all new buses purchased by the TTC are accessible, but noted that not all bus routes are equipped to handle the ramps found on the vehicles.

“You need a stable base to put a ramp down,” she said. “There’s still the occasional stop that’s not usable with a ramp.”

Most of the TTC’s most-travelled bus routes feature accessible buses, which can be identified by blue lights on either side of the destination sign on the front of the bus and a blue wheelchair symbol next to the door. Nearly half of all subway stations are equipped with elevators to allow those in wheelchairs or scooters to reach subway track level. Bolton said further additions to the accessible fleet would come in the future, but added that she was not aware of other imminent changes.

The Glencairn bus runs west out of Davisville subway station, up Chaplin Crescent and Bathurst Street, then along Glencairn Avenue to Caledonia Road.