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GO to run weekend trains to Oshawa

Nov. 9, 2006. 04:33 PM

GO Transit plans to extend weekend train service to Ajax, Whitby and Oshawa starting Dec. 30.

Currently, GO trains run from Union Station to Oshawa only during the work week. But during the weekend, the trains stop at Pickering, and GO riders aiming to travel further east must transfer to a bus.

A GO staff business plan shows that while the net cost in fiscal year 2006-‘07 will be $115,000, “there is excellent potential for the extended service to break even in the near future,” according to a letter that GO board members will receive at today’s monthly meeting.

The letter says that only 76,000 new riders per year, or 675 new riders each weekend day, are required to break even.

“This extension would both attract new riders and carry many existing riders a longer distance, as many people from the east now drive to Pickering station on the weekends, rather than take the bus and transfer,” the letter says. “It will also enable buses to be reallocated to other, high demand services.”