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TTC to begin installation of security cameras on buses

October 28, 2006 - 10:28 am
By: Allison Barnes

Big brother will soon be watching riders on about 100 TTC buses in the city.

Starting next week, the TTC will begin equipping about 100 buses with high tech, high resolution cameras to help catch criminals on riding the Red Rocket.

City Council approved the first 2.8 of the 16.8 million dollar project earlier this month. The goal is to eventually have cameras on all 1,500 buses and 250 street cars.

TTC Deputy General Manager Bob Boutilier says buses will be the first to get cameras on October 31st. “They will be completed near the end of this year, beginning of next year, that’s the first batch,” says Boutilier. “Then we will carry on adding on cameras through March of next year until we get approval for the remainder of the cameras.”

Working alongside Toronto Police, TTC officials decided on special high resolution cameras.

“Police will be able to magnify whatever aspects of a photograph they need. They key hear is that you can clearly identify who people are by the colour of their clothes or unique facial features,” says Boutilier.

The cameras will not be monitored live but and the footage will only be used in police investigations.