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The bus doesn't stop here


Don’t hold your breath waiting for the Sheppard Ave. E. bus at Don Mills Rd., or at Sheppard and Parkway Forest Dr. Despite new transit shelters, the bus only stops before 9 a.m. on Sundays.


If you’re waiting for the eastbound TTC bus at the corner of Sheppard Ave. E. and Don Mills Rd., your ride will be a long time coming.

On the southeast corner of Sheppard and Don Mills, there’s a bus stop with one of those new transit shelters. One block east, at the southwest corner of Sheppard and Parkway Forest Dr., there’s another bus stop with a transit shelter.

In between the two shelters is an entrance to the TTC’s Don Mills station, part of the Sheppard Ave. subway line.

Waiting for the bus at those two stops is frustrating and futile. Since the Sheppard subway line opened, those two have been designated “Sunday stops,” serving TTC users before the Sheppard subway opens at 9 a.m. on Sunday.

But it’s hard to tell, just standing there. There is a pole in front of both, with the distinctive red-and-yellow markings that designate it a Sunday stop. Less observant riders often don’t see the pole, and even if they do, they don’t realize it is only a Sunday stop.

Since the Sheppard line opened, bus riders must now enter the Don Mills subway to get to the bus terminal under one of the parking garages at Fairview Mall.

STATUS: The city is responsible for TTC shelters. Pascoal D’Souza, who’s in charge in that area, agreed that the new shelters would lead people to think a bus is coming, when it’s not. D’Souza said the shelters are needed to shield Sunday morning riders from the elements, but said better signs would help. He said he’d talk to the TTC about putting up some signs directing riders to the bus terminal.


Pascoal D’Souza, north district manager of traffic planning and right-of-way management; 416-395-7458;

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