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Supports Toronto area agencies TTC, GO trains, MiWay, YRT, HSR and GRT, as well as NY MTA, LA metro, SF MUNI, Boston MBTA, and (new) Barrie.

Transit plans around the GTA

GO Transit: Go is beginning construction of a third rail between Hamilton and Oakville, the first step toward doubling capacity on the Lake Shore W. line. Environmental assessments are nearing completion for improved service on most corridors.

Durham Region: All local transit authorities are merging into one unit, leading to cross-boundary bus service.

York Region: Viva, the region’s $180 million foray into bus rapid transit, kicks off in September. High-end buses are eye-catching and feature tables in the back for people to work on.

Brampton: Rejigged just about all its routes to a grid system and added almost 30 buses. Trying to get $100 million to fund Acceleride, copying York Region’s Viva idea.

Mississauga: Bus-only lanes on 403, which it shares with GO Transit. Struggling to put more buses on the road to keep up with burgeoning demand. Experimenting with computer-based bus mapping, allowing passengers to figure out the fastest way from A to B, including how long it should take to walk from your home to your nearest bus stop.

Will it ever happen?

Greater Toronto Transportation Authority: The province has so far failed to come through on this supervisory authority. Its first task could be the TTC-GO-Mississauga pilot “farecard” project, which will let passengers seamlessly travel between many systems. A pilot project is to begin in 2007.