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GO Transit expands reporting of near-collisions to make the system even safer

TORONTO, May 2, 2005 /CNW/ - GO Transit’s Near Collision Reporting Program has been expanded so it can be used by both rail and bus operations staff.

The program was originally used by train and track crews to record information about drivers and pedestrians who deliberately disobey railway crossing warning signs and signals, causing near-collisions with trains. GO’s bus drivers, including route supervisors, can now also report dangerous behaviour they witness near the railway tracks in GO Transit’s service area.

Expanding the program to include both rail and bus operations will help fight the battle against aggressive driving and railway track trespassing that can often end in tragedy.

Each reported incident is investigated jointly by GO Transit and a law enforcement agency. The employee who made the report gets feedback from the investigation’s results, and incidents are reviewed for future rail safety education and enforcement initiatives.

The pedestrian, driver of the motor vehicle, or registered owner involved in the incident may be charged with an offence. Regardless of whether a charge is laid, GO sends the vehicle’s registered owner a near-collision notice. The notice includes rail safety information from Operation Lifesaver, a national public education program with the goal of reducing loss of life, injuries and damages caused by unsafe activity near railway tracks.

Citizens who witness dangerous or illegal incidents at railway crossings or along railway tracks should report them directly to their local police or call the 24-hour emergency phone number posted at each railway crossing.

The Near Collision Reporting Program is a cooperative effort among GO Transit, Canadian National Railway, Canadian Pacific Railway, Pacific Northern Rail Contractors Inc., Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen, the United Transportation Union, and Operation Lifesaver.


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