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'I'm so happy, I feel sick'

Oshawa man charters a city bus to pop the question

He and bride-to-be met while students using public transit


An Oshawa Transit bus made an unscheduled stop in Toronto yesterday to deliver a most unusual message to 23-year-old Ingrid Valle.

Valle was supposed to be meeting her boyfriend, Delisle Murray, 25, at noon for lunch outside her office at Yonge St. and Lawrence Ave.

“Oh, my God, it’s an Oshawa bus,” Valle exclaimed, as she emerged from the building at 3080 Yonge St. to find Murray and the bus waiting at the curb.

He then pointed to the scrolling digital signs at the front and side of the bus that indicated a destination not found on any transit schedule: “Will you marry me?”

Then Murray, holding a ring box, was down on one knee and the sign soon changed to read: “She said yes.”

Through tears of joy and surprise, Valle proclaimed, “I’m so happy, I feel sick.”

But she quickly recovered and the couple, joined by friends and co-workers, headed for the back of the bus — where their love first bloomed five years ago when both were students at Oshawa’s Durham College.

“We would see each other often as we took the bus to school,” Valle said in an interview, “then we moved towards the back of the bus and started talking and things just blossomed.”

“This pretty well takes us back to where we started,” Murray said. “It took a lot of preparation to do it, but I didn’t have to say much.”

The couple graduated — he in electronics and she in business — and got jobs — he in Ajax and she in Toronto. They still live in Oshawa.

“I know you,” Valle said, pointing to bus driver Anne Marie Meester, who had been behind the wheel at various times earlier in their courtship. Meester said she has fond memories of the “very nice couple” who often were passengers on her Durham College run.

“I wish them all the best in the future,” she said.

Oshawa Transit general manager Philip Meagher said he readily offered a bus to Murray after he heard the story of “bliss on the bus.”

“We even gave him a discount rate on the charter,” he said.

Meagher said he let TTC officials know that a foreign bus would be on one of their routes yesterday.

Elizabeth Matthews, a friend and co-worker of Valle, said she was impressed with Murray’s creative proposal.

“I give him full props for the effort,” she said. “I think they will be very happy together.”