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The worst kept secret in Toronto!

It’s official - A transferable Metropass will arrive in September!!

TORONTO, April 19 /CNW/ - The most revolutionary change to the Metropass in the last 25 years will arrive in September.

The New Metropass will be unveiled on Thursday, April 21, at 10:30 a.m. by Mayor David Miller and TTC Chair Howard Moscoe at the northwest corner of Nathan Phillips Square.

On the 25th anniversary of the TTC’s Metropass (introduced in 1980) the TTC will announce that in September the Metropass will become transferable.

  • Any adult can use any adult Metropass (No ID required)

  • Any senior/student can use any senior/student Metropass (TTC ID still required for age/student status)

  • Persons using the pass must have it in their possession during travel on the TTC. The pass is only good for one person to ride at one time.

The transferable Metropass will be introduced in September. The TTC’s transferable Weekly Pass will also make its debut in September.

“This is a treat for our most dedicated riders and will also reward those who move up to the Metropass,” said TTC Chair Howard Moscoe.

“We are serious about growing ridership at the TTC. With new vehicles, new service and new passes - we’re hear to make a statement,” says Moscoe.

A lot of new things are coming to the TTC:

New Buses

  • 150 have arrived this year with another 100 to come. Over 800 new buses will be here by 2007 - that’s over 1/2 of the TTC’s fleet.

New Service

  • Increased off peak service being added in September.

New Passes

  • The TTC recently added Saturday as well as Sunday and statutory holidays for the use of the Family/Day Pass. The Day Pass, available at collector booths for $8.00, allows unlimited daily travel for 1 adult and not more than 5 children/youths 19 years of age or under, or 2 adults and not more than 4 children/youths 19 years of age or under, or 2 adults.

  • The New Metropass and the Weekly Pass will be available in September.


What:  TTC announces new transferable Metropass and Weekly Pass
Who:   Toronto Mayor David Miller and TTC Chair Howard Moscoe
Where: Northwest corner of Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto City 
When:  10:30 a.m. Thursday April 21, 2005


For further information: contact: Marilyn Bolton, Media Relations, (416) 393-3741