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TTC pass to be transferable


THE TTC will make its Metropass transferrable as soon as this September, the Toronto Sun has learned. The price will stay the same at $98.75 a month, but it will be okay to lend it to friends, family members or co-workers.

The TTC has already announced it will launch a new weekly Metropass in September that will be transferable.

“So we asked why not make the Metropass transferable too,” a TTC source said.


The TTC is projecting it will lose $1 million in revenues over the first four months the pass can be handed over.

The commission is set to push forward with the idea because it will help boost ridership, especially during off-peak hours, increase the number of Metropass buyers and hopefully pull cars off the road.

“We also hope it helps driver-passenger relations,” the source said. “This will be more customer-friendly.”

Some passengers refuse to show ID with their pass to drivers and fare collectors, causing friction.

With a transferable pass, riders won’t need picture ID.

Riders won’t be able to go through a turnstile, then hand the pass back to someone else.

The TTC sold 168,000 Metropasses in March.

The transferable Metropass still has to be approved by TTC commissioners.