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Workers to hear details of TTC deal


About 1,000 TTC workers are expected to attend tonight’s meeting at which union president Bob Kinnear will spell out the details of the collective agreement hammered out Sunday that averted a transit strike.

Kinnear met yesterday with stewards representing 8,400 members of the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 113 at the Sheraton Parkway hotel in Richmond Hill. He and his 15-member executive board were explaining why they ultimately endorsed the deal that will see workers get annual pay hikes of 2.75 per cent, 3 per cent and 3.25 per cent as well as some pension contribution holidays.

“They’re going over the tentative settlement in great detail,” said spokesman Bill Reno.

The total financial package is worth about $166 million. The agreement includes stronger language on contracting out, scheduling and discipline.

The ratification vote takes place Thursday. Chatter on the union website — mostly anonymous postings — was mixed. Some writers congratulated their union; others urged their colleagues to vote against the agreement.

TTC chair Howard Moscoe said he expected the deal to pass.

“From the workers’ point of view, they cleared up a lot of work rules, a lot of issues that were significant to them that they might not otherwise have cleared up,” Moscoe said.

“From our point of view, we held it to 2.75 per cent this year, which we absolutely had to do because we’re into negotiations with five times as many people. This set the pattern for our negotiation.”

Some 25,500 members of two city worker unions have been without a contract since Jan. 1.