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Here Comes The BIOBUS!

TORONTO, Sept. 15 /CNW/ - In a step towards “Greening the Bus Fleet”, the TTC has launched a nine-month bio-fuel test on 180 buses. The project, testing a bio-diesel fuel that is a mixture of vegetable oil and diesel, focuses on two areas: environmental performance in TTC service conditions and evaluation of test results from other transit properties.

“Although TTC buses meet current emission standards, we are intent on finding better ways to reduce vehicle exhaust emissions even further,” said TTC Chair Howard Moscoe.

Technical success will be measured by the absence of any mechanical or operating issues associated with the maintenance and driving of the buses. However, a final acceptance of the bio-diesel fuel will depend on evaluations of various factors including the cost difference associated with the price per litre (higher for bio-diesel) and the energy content per litre (lower for bio-diesel). Environmental issues that will show losses and gains when using bio-diesel fuel will also be presented.

“Bio-diesel is expected to provide environmental benefits resulting from lower emissions. This test is needed to confirm these expectations and to consider expanded use of bio-diesel across the entire bus fleet,” said TTC Chief General Manager Rick Ducharme.

The TTC has a bus fleet of about 1,500. The nine-month test on 180 buses will cost $740,000.

Photo Op

Who:   Official announcement of bio-fuel test on 180 TTC buses. 
       TTC Chair Howard Moscoe and TTC Deputy General Manager - 
       Surface Operations,
       Bob Boutilier will attend.
What:  Elected Officials to pour bio-fuel into TTC bus fuel tank.
Where: During Better Transportation Expo, on the south side of 
       King Street West, outside Toronto-Dominion Centre.
Why:   The launch of a nine-month test of bio-fuel in 180 TTC 
When:  12:30 p.m. Wednesday, September 15, 2004.

For further information: contact: Marilyn Bolton, Media Relations,
(416) 393-3741