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TTC announces February service changes

TORONTO, Feb. 12 /CNW/ - On Sunday, February 15, the TTC will introduce the following service changes:

For more information on these, and other service changes, TTC customers can call 416-393-INFO (4636), check the InfoPosts located at transfer locations on their routes, or access the TTC internet site at


  • Service reliability improvement

    Additional time will be added to the schedules from Monday to Friday, in order to operate a more reliable service. There will be no change to scheduled service levels, but some trip times will change.


  • Service increase

    Service will be increased during the afternoon rush hour from Monday to Friday to reduce crowding. Buses will run every 5 minutes, instead of every 7 minutes.


  • Service increase

    Service will be increased during the morning and afternoon peak periods and the midday from Monday to Friday. Combined service east of Wellesley Station will be improved from every 6 minutes to every 5 minutes 30 seconds in the morning peak period, and from every 9 minutes to every 8 minutes in the afternoon peak period. Service will be improved from every 12 minutes to every 10 minutes in the midday from Monday to Friday.

For further information: contact Marilyn Bolton, Media Relations,
(416) 393-3741