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GO Transit makes crossing Bay St. safer for bus passengers

TORONTO, July 24, 2003 /CNW/ - Starting July 26, GO Transit bus passengers will no longer have to cross Bay St. at the stoplights at Front St. Passengers can safely cross over between Union Station GO Bus Terminal and Union Station using a new overhead walkway.

Initially, customers will have access to the walkway by stairs, which are located at the west corner of the bus terminal, just off Bay St. From there, the walkway leads to platform 1 at track level where passengers can descend into the GO concourse and the TTC subway.

“This initiative greatly enhances service and safety for commuters who use the Union Station GO Bus Terminal,” says Transportation Minister Frank Klees. “This project is part of the Ernie Eves government’s 10-year, $3.25-billion plan to create an efficient transit system that helps tackle gridlock and supports our Smart Growth vision.”

Elevator access will be available to passengers in October 2003.

“GO Transit is always striving to improve services for our passengers,” says GO Chairman Dr. Gordon Chong. “The safety of our passengers is our number one priority on GO Trains and GO Buses, in our stations, terminals, parking lots, and on our platforms. We’re really pleased that we can provide another safe and effective way for our passengers to get off the roads and onto transit.”

The Union Station GO Bus Terminal was built on the site of the former CP Express building, which GO Transit purchased in 2000. It stretches between Bay St. and Yonge St., just south of Front St. in downtown Toronto. Each weekday more than 7,000 GO Bus customers use the new terminal, which opened in March 2003.

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