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Transit dreams and city visions

By Rob Granatstein
Toronto Sun

The dream of the subway stretching all the way up to York University — and beyond — is still on the radar screen.

Planners envision an extension to the Spadina subway line up to a super-sized parking lot north of Steeles Ave., a hub where 905ers can park their cars and take transit into the city.

It makes more sense to bring the subway to a useful spot, rather than the current state of the line where planners “extended the Spadina subway to a furniture store,” says Richard Soberman, who wrote the transportation report.

The Transportation Vision for the City of Toronto also includes modest subway expansion, the addition of an exclusive busway along the Finch Hydro corridor, and using CP Rail tracks through the heart of Toronto for the North Toronto Rail commuter rail line.

These options are presented only for discussion and to test public reaction, the report warns. The goal of all the planning is to reduce Torontonians dependence on their cars.

The report was written for the city’s Official Plan, which was done to guide changes to Toronto for the next 30 years.

Discussions on the report begin Tuesday at the Etobicoke Civic Centre.