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April Notes

On March 19, the TTC completed its upgrade of subway service, started in February with additional trains on the Yonge Line. With new trains added to the Bloor-Danforth line, at no time is any subway line scheduled to operate at intervals less frequent than once every five minutes… …A software glitch on a number of T-1 trains caused the cars to be pulled from the system during the day on Saturday, March 25. This lead to a number of H5s and H2/H4 cars being transferred from Greenwood to Wilson. The problem was corrected by noon on Sunday and the T1s returned to service.

Streetcar service on Bathurst has been suspended for March and early April while the Fleet-Lakeshore-Bathurst intersection is torn up to install specialwork associated with the Queens Quay streetcar link. The new line is expected to enter service, operating between Union Station and the Exhibition, on Saturday, July 23, 2000… …The last 312 St. Clair night car operated on March 19. The night service has been bussed, in order to allow an extension to Jane Station… …New rollsigns have been spotted on a number of streetcars. Due to the imminent arrival of the new 509 Harbourfront streetcar, the TTC is taking the opportunity to completely redesign its rollsign layout. Destinations are now more detailed, and a number of new options, including 510 EXHIBITION and 511 UNION STATION are included.

This is as unofficial a source as one can get, but: it was overheard on the Milton GO Train that, after the May 1st service expansions to the Lakeshore, Stouffville and Richmond Hill GO lines, that GO Transit would enter into discussions with CP Rail about expanding service on the line. It is reported that the freight line has the capacity necessary for expansion of service, at least to Erindale Station. Anything from additional rush-hour trains to full weekday service or even service to Cambridge might be possible, although discussions are at a way too early stage to suggest any concrete plan.