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TTC introduces Airport Rocket and two new accessible routes

Attention News Editors:

TORONTO, Feb. 11 /CNW/ - Starting Sunday, February 13, the TTC is

introducing the 192 AIRPORT ROCKET, two new wheelchair accessible bus routes and other improved services.

For more information on service changes, TTC customers can call 
393-INFO (4636), check the InfoPosts located at transfer locations
on their route, or access the TTC internet site at 
<A HREF=""></A>.



-  A new route from Kipling Station to Pearson International 
   Airport Terminals 2 and 3. Buses will run every 45 minutes 
   during the peak periods and midday, Monday-Friday. The buses 
   will stop at Kipling Station, Dundas Street/The East Mall and 
   Terminals 2 and 3. Regular TTC fares will be charged for the 

-  From Kipling Station, buses will run west on Dundas Street, 
   north on Hwy. 427 and west into Pearson International Airport. 
   Buses will serve the arrivals level at Terminal 3, then the 
   arrivals level at Terminal 2.

First and last trip times
   Northbound from Kipling Station: 5:40 a.m. (first); 7:10 p.m. 
   Southbound from Pearson International Airport: 6 a.m. (first); 
   6:45 p.m. (last)


51 Leslie
-  This route is now an accessible route and will be served by new
   low-floor buses. Service will increase during the midday,
   Monday-Friday, when the time between buses will improve to 20 
   minutes, from 30 minutes.

-  This route is now an accessible route and will be served by new
   low-floor buses. Services will increase during the midday,
   Monday-Friday, when the time between buses will improve to 13 
   minutes, from 20 minutes.

(Note: Some individual trips, such as school trips, may continue 
to use conventional buses on these routes.


The following service improvements also begin on Feb. 13:

-  303 DON MILLS - Overnight service on Thorncliffe Park Drive. 
   The 303 DON MILLS overnight route will travel Thorncliffe Park 
   Dr., south of Overlea Blvd., in both directions, seven days a 
   week, to bring overnight service closer to the apartments in 
   the area.

-  79 SCARLETT RD - Service on St. Clair Avenue. During the peak 
   periods, Monday-Friday, 79B SCARLETT RD buses will provide 
   service on St. Clair Ave., between Runnymede and Scarlett Rds. 
   79 SCARLETT RD buses currently travel in both directions via 
   Runnymede Rd., Henrietta St., Castleton Ave., Pritchard Ave., 
   Jane St., Foxwell St., and Scarlett Rd. With the change, every 
   second northbound bus in the morning peak and every second 
   southbound bus in the afternoon peak will travel via
   Runnymede Rd., St. Clair Ave. and Scarlett Rd.

-  37A ISLINGTON - Sunday and holiday evening service on Rexdale
   Boulevard. Buses on the 37A ISLINGTON route (Islington 
   Stn-Humberwood via Rexdale and Woodbine Centre) will now run 
   later on Sunday nights and holidays. With the change, buses on 
   Sundays and holidays will travel the route every 30 minutes 
   until 1 a.m.

-  109 RANEE - Saturday late evening service. Buses on the 109 
   RANEE route will now run later on Saturday nights. Saturday 
   night service will operate every 45 minutes until approximately
   12:30 a.m.

-  112 WEST MALL - Monday to Friday evening service to Disco Road.
   A new service on the 112 WEST MALL route will travel to Disco 
   Rd. about every thirty minutes during the evening, 
   Monday-Friday. With the change, service to Disco Rd. will run 
   until 10 p.m., Monday-Friday. This service will run north only 
   on Carlingview and south only on Atwell and Skyway.

-  131 NUGGET - New service on Morningview Trail. The north end of
   the 131 NUGGET route will now travel Morningview Trail, Littles
   Rd. and Old Finch Ave. Every day before 3 p.m., buses will 
   travel north on Morningside Ave., and then east and north on 
   Morningview Trail, west on Old Finch Ave., south on Littles Rd.
   and west on Morningview Trail to Morningside Ave. After 3 p.m.,
   each day, the route reverses.


For further information: Marilyn Bolton, Media Relations,
(416) 393-3741