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TTC Transit Security Officers bring high visibility to safety on TTC

Attention News Editors:

TORONTO, July 30 /CNW/ - TTC Transit Security Officers will be

seen more often on the subway, beginning Sunday, August 1. With 11 newly sworn-in officers, the TSO crew will be travelling in pairs through trains and stations, each pair covering a zone of stations. In addition to more TSOs, more hours will be spent giving broader security coverage to the subway. “The level of comfort customers have in seeing security officers on the trains and in the stations is really impressive,” said TTC Interim Chief General Manager Vincent Rodo. “In speaking with our customers, we determined that some felt isolated and unsafe, particularly women travelling during evenings. Visible Transit Security Officers will encourage all customers to travel with a greater feeling of safety.” The 11 new TSOs, granted Special Constable status by Toronto Police Services Deputy Chief Joe Hunter and Toronto Police Services Board Chair Norm Gardner, at a swearing-in ceremony earlier this month, were the top candidates out of 1,800 applicants who applied for the positions last fall. The selection process included rigorous testing in law enforcement knowledge, communication skills and physical conditioning. They also had to pass psychological and background evaluations. In total, the TTC has 66 Special Constables identifiable by their jacket crests. “I think it’s a terrific initiative that will make our subway system even safer than it presently is,” said TTC Commissioner Chris Korwin-Kuczynski. In June 1997, Transit Security Officers were designated as Special Constables under Section 53 of the Ontario Police Services Act. TSOs have the authority of police officers to enforce the Criminal Code of Canada, Controlled Drug and Substance Act, Trespass to Property Act, Liquor License Act and sections of the Mental Health and the Provincial Offences Acts. This authority includes powers of arrest, search and seizure - as well as the detention and transportation of suspects.


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