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TTC's Charlotte Loop Cleared for Service

by James Bow
Transit Toronto News Archive - March 10, 1999

The TTC’s new streetcar track on Charlotte Street was put into service recently. It was cleared for use on Friday, March 5, and I saw a car on Charlotte Street on Saturday.

Charlotte Street is a short street which runs north-south between Adelaide Street and King Street. The new single track on Charlotte, together with the rebuilt track on Adelaide, between Spadina and Charlotte, and the existing track on King, between, Charlotte and Spadina, form an on-street loop. Cars can turn back in all directions using the new track - both north and south on Spadina, and east and west on King.

The track was built to allow the scheduled short-turn service on the 510 SPADINA route to turn back north from King Street, saving up to two streetcars over the present short-turn, farther south at Queens Quay. Construction of the track was first approved by the TTC in 1995. A modification to the Environmental Assessment for the Spadina streetcar line was required, and this was largely responsible for the length of time required to gain all approvals for construction to begin. There was considerable opposition from most property owners along the street, but, in the end, the TTC’s application to build the track was approved.

Scheduled service on the new track begins on March 22. Until then, only unscheduled short turns will use the track.