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TTC Promotes 'Smog Buster Discount'

Item supplied by Aaron Adel
Transit Toronto News Archive - March 10, 1999

The TTC is promoting the concept of auto insurance discounts for Metropass holders — a “Smog Buster Discount”. The TTC has dubbed it the “Smog Buster Discount” as every transit trip that replaces an automobile trip reduces greenhouse gas emissions by at least 65%.

The Toronto Transit Commission is asking the province to play a leadership role by approving any rate change request that comes forward from insurance companies that want to provide a transit pass discount. The Province of Ontario regulates the automobile insurance industry.

  • 60% of TTC trips are taken by people who have access to a car — these people make a choice to use transit
  • These “choice riders” represent 750,000 individuals — many who use cash and tickets
  • This market is the largest growth market for the transit pass. People converting to a pass on average increase their transit travel by at least 25%

“Public transit has always viewed the car as the enemy and that may be true in cities and towns where transit riders in the majority don’t own cars,” says TTC Chair Rob Davis. In Toronto, with 60% of the rides being taken by people who have access to the car — we’re looking for something unique, something that will benefit that car owner …. if they own a Metropass.’