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Mississauga Transit to Remove Buses from Burnhamthorpe Road

Attention News Editors:

Mississauga Transit to Remove Buses from Burnhamthorpe Road

    MISSISSAUGA, ON, Nov. 10 /CNW/ - Council has agreed to remove 42 
buses from Burnhamthorpe Road by February 1, 1999 subject to 
satisfactory negotiations being completed with the Toronto Transit 
Commission (TTC) with respect to the renegotiation of its lease to 
use the Islington Subway Station platforms.
    The Board of Commissioners of the TTC issued Mississauga Transit 
with an ultimatum on October 7, 1998 that unless it removes all of 
its buses from Burnhamthorpe Road, east of Hwy. 427, by December 1, 
the TTC will not allow Mississauga Transit buses to enter the 
Islington Subway Station to pick up fare paying passengers. The 
ultimatum will cause over 20,000 Mississauga Transit passengers, most
of whom are TTC customers, increased travel time and considerable 
    The City has agreed to divert its route 26B westbound off the
Burnhamthorpe Road corridor east of Hwy. 427. This will reduce the 
number of buses during the weekday from 304 to 262.
    "If you start taking buses off the arterial roads this whole 
issue could backfire on you," warned Mayor McCallion. TTC staff are 
already receiving complaints from Toronto residents to remove TTC 
buses from busy arterial roads in that city.
    Mississauga Transportation and Works Commissioner, Angus McDonald
said in Council today that, "if the TTC sticks to their ultimatum, 
Mississauga Transit has no alternative but to pick up passengers on 
the street, which will no doubt create some chaos."
    The Ontario Community Transportation Association (OCTA), 
comprised of 53 Ontario transit systems committed to the delivery of 
effective community transportation services, has strongly condemned 
the TTC's action and has requested that the Ministries of 
Transportation and Municipal Affairs facilitate a process to reach a 
mutually acceptable solution regarding all aspects of bus operations 
on the Burnhamthorpe corridor.
    In a letter to TTC Chair Howard Moscoe, OCTA President, David 
Smith, says the decision by the TTC is contrary to encouraging the 
use of public transit in the Greater Toronto Area. It opposes the 
principles of seamless transit being promoted by the various levels 
of government and, above all else, singles out public transit users 
versus other users of the road space.
    Mississauga Transit has an obligation to transport its customers 
to their destination of choice as quickly, economically and 
conveniently as possible.
    "We will do everything we can to provide the highest level of 
service to and from Islington Station despite the appalling decision 
made by the TTC board of Commissioners," said Mississauga Transit 
Director, Bill Cunningham.


For further information: Terry Dubois, Marketing Co-ordinator,
 Transportation and Works Department, (905) 615-3171, INET: