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Construction on Charlotte Loop, Harbourfront Line Begins

by James Bow
Transit Toronto News Archive - October 14, 1998

Work has begun on Spadina’s Charlotte Street Loop, a single track stretching the length of Charlotte Street from Adelaide to King. Trackwork is expected to be completed before the end of the fall, and wiring will follow early in 1999.

Once in service in 1999, the loop will allow the TTC to short-turn alternate Spadina streetcars at King, doubling headways from King to Queens Quay, a portion of the route with significantly less ridership. The route will also allow King and Queen cars to short turn. Track switches are already in place for northbound and southbound Spadina onto eastbound Adelaide, and a single switch will allow cars to either travel south on Charlotte, or continue east on Adelaide. At King street, cars can turn east towards downtown, or west onto the grand union trackage at King and Spadina.

The TTC estimates that the improved allocation of streetcars once this loop opens will save it $300000 per year in operating costs. The current loop is expected to cost $200000 to build… …If it hasn’t happened already, work will soon begin on the Harbourfront Streetcar extension from Spadina to Bathurst. The track between Spadina and Portland is expected to be completed by the end of this fall, with the remainder of the work occurring in 1999. The track will open for business early in the year 2000.