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TTC Report Questions Future of Streetcar Network

by James Bow
Transit Toronto News Archive - September 23, 1998

Heads-up! Streetcar Decision to Come in 5 Years: Included in the TTC’s 1999-2003 Capital Budget report was the following item: ‘In approximately 5 years time, a major reinvestment in the overall streetcar system will be required if it is to continue. The expenditures for tangent track will increase by at least 30% and extensive track work, electrical system overhauls and a major rebuild of the vehicles will also be commencing. The City will be facing a major decision on whether to undertake this major work to extend the streetcar system or to replace streetcars as a mode with buses. Replacement buses and garages would be required.’

It is important to note that the TTC does not recommend either way whether or not streetcars should be abandoned; they only say that a decision will have to be made. They also note that replacing the streetcars would cost money, just as keeping them would. There is no need to panic at this time, but if you care about this issue, you might want to write a polite letter to your City Councillor telling him how much you like the streetcars in Toronto and how much you want them to stay.