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GO's "Train-Bus" Service Named Transportation Program of Year

Attention News Editors:


    TORONTO, June 3, 1998 /CNW/ - GO Transit was honoured today with 
National Transportation Week's Ontario Transportation Program of the 
Year award for its innovative "train-bus" service. The award was 
presented this morning at the National Transportation Week awards 
breakfast in Toronto.
    Train-bus service is GO Transit's nickname for its off-peak 
service connecting Union Station with other train stations. It is 
provided using buses instead of trains.
    "It's great to be recognized for our train-bus service," says 
Eldred King, GO's Chairman. "Passengers enjoy having travel options 
while the trains aren't running -- on weekends, or before and after 
the rush hour."
    During off-peak hours, the train loses its competitive advantage 
over congested roads, so on most corridors, the number of customers 
is not sufficient to justify train service. The use of buses allows 
GO Transit to offer off-peak service that is equal to or better than 
train service but at a much lower cost.
    Because of its popularity with customers, the train-bus service 
is GO Transit's fastest-growing market. When it was introduced in 
1989, only a handful of buses served Union Station. Today, on a 
typical weekday, 115 buses carry 2,800 passengers to and from Union.
    Each year, during the first week of June, National Transportation
Week recognizes the people who keep Canada moving.


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