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TTC Service Changes: May 7, 1995


Starting Sunday May 7, buses will be extended into Exhibition Place after about 9:15 a.m. every day.


Starting Sunday May 7, the route will be extended to provide a new service to Ontario Place. Buses run every day from about 9:30 a.m. with the last bus leaving Ontario Place at 10:00 p.m.


Our streetcar track crews will be working on the Victoria Day holiday weekend to replace the tracks in the Bathurst/King intersection. Regular service through the intersection will be affected from 7:00 p.m. Thursday, May 18 to 5:00 a.m. Tuesday, May 23.

504 KING streetcars will be diverted both ways via Shaw, Queen and Spadina, and a special shuttle bus route will provide service on King Street between Shaw and Church in the downtown core.

511 BATHURST streetcars will be replaced by buses running between Bathurst Station and the loop at the eastern entrance of Exhibition Place.


Starting May 7, we’re beginning work to replace the track in the underground streetcar/bus loop at St. Clair West Station. During the construction, the station will remain open, but no transit vehicles will be able to use the loop.

Streetcars on the 512 ST. CLAIR route will be replaced by buses between St. Clair Station and Gunn’s Loop (west of Keele) and will make connections with the SPADINA subway at the street entrances at St. Clair West Station. In addition, buses on the 7E BATHURST (rush hours only), 90A VAUGHAN and 126 CHRISTIE (signed as 126A, late evening after 10 p.m.) routes will be extended along St. Clair and will loop at St. Clair Station.

At St. Clair West Station: Two eastbound stops will be marked at the south side entrance on St. Clair Avenue - one for route 33, and the other for the routes running to St. Clair Station. Two westbound stops will be marked at the north side entrance on St. Clair Avenue - one for westbound 512 ST. CLAIR and 126 CHRISTIE buses and the other for route 7E BATHURST and 90A VAUGHAN. Transfers are required. Be sure to get one where you paid your fare.

At St. Clair West Station: The 512 ST. CLAIR, 7E BATHURST, 90A VAUGHAN and 126A CHRISTIE routes will load at the streetcar loop.

Streetcars will not return to St. Clair Avenue until Labour Day. During the construction period, other track replacement on St. Clair will take place at Avenue Rd., between Oakwood and Dufferin, and at the Gunn’s Loop (west of Keele).


The “Pay As You Leave / Free Ride” fare collection procedure will be used again this summer on the 604 HARBOURFRONT streetcar line to help provide more efficient service. On weekends and holidays, starting May 20, no fares will be collected on the streetcars and no transfers will be issued. After leaving the streetcar at Union Station, your fare will be collected as you enter the subway. This lets us load the streetcars at all stops by both the front and centre doors, speeding up service. As an added bonus, you can travel FREE between Queens Quay Station and Spadina & Queens Quay while visiting Harbourfront and other waterfront attractions.

You have to deposit the appropriate ticket, token or exact cash fare, or have a valid pass or transfer, after you leave the streetcar to enter the subway at Union Station, or when boarding other TTC services. Streetcar and bus drivers, and the fare collectors at the streetcar loop at Union Station do not sell fares or make change.

This fare collection procedure will be in effect weekends and holidays from May 20 until Labour Day.