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Two Tie Votes Stall Decision on Lamport

page 4:

Two tie votes in Metropolitan Executive Committee yesterday delayed reappointment of TTC Chairman Allan Lamport for a five-year period.

The first vote resulted in defeat of a proposal to have the reappointment considered by the 1959 Metropolitan Council. The second prevented the executive committee from asking the present council to make the appointment.

Both tie votes came during the brief absence of Controller Jean Newman. No effort to reopen the subject was made when Mrs. Newman returned to the meeting.

Mr. Lamport was appointed TTC commissioner in 1954 to complete the unexpired five-year term of the late William McBrien. He was elected by the commission as chairman in September 1955.

When Metro Chairman Gardiner proposed Mr. Lamport’s reappointment for a term ending in 1963 it was questions by Mayor Phillips and Reeve Marie Curtis of Long Branch.

They both argued it should be the duty of next year’s council to consider the reappointment. A general discussion followed, producing the tie votes.

The executive committee gave no indication [of] when it would again deal with Mr. Lamport’s reappointment or the reappointment of three members of the Metropolitan Planning Board…