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3 Miles of Bloor St. Subway Land Sought For Car Parking Use

Page 5 (Excerpt)

Board of Control raised no objection yesterday to a parking authority suggestion which could eliminate parking on a three-mile strip of Bloor St. from Spadina Ave. west to Keele St.

Metro is expected to purchase property on the 65-foot[-]wide right-of-way almost immediately to make way for subway construction.

The parking authority suggests that where buildings are demolished, the land should be leased to them so that municipal car parks can be established.

Rent paid Metro would be 45 per cent of the gross revenue from parking tolls. The authority would vacate the land on three months’ notice — but as the Spadina-Keele section is a third phase in subway construction, this notice might not be given for five years.

In this time, said authority chairman Ralph C. Day, capital improvements for the temporary parking lots could be written off and a pattern of parking habits established. This would serve as a guide in the purchase of sites for permanent car parks in key locations along the right-of-way.

Mr. Day said TPA is ready to go ahead with a $600,000 municipal parking garage in the Bloor-Yonge-Bay area.

First step will be the purchase of two houses on Charles St. E. for $72,500. Further property on the same street and on Hayden St. will be expropriated…