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Bloor Rezoning Held Essential by Gardiner

Page 5:

Metro Chairman Gardiner said yesterday failure of the city to rezone Bloor St. subway lands might, in time, bring a $15,000,000 loss in land acquisition costs.

Mr. Gardiner added he was prepared to argue with planning official Walter Manthorpe, who contended in a report to city planning board existing Bloor St. zoning will accommodate development for 125 years.

Metro planning board staff has been directed by Mr. Gardiner to prepare a map of the current Bloor St. zoning with views on necessary changes as a result of subway construction.

“If Metro projects are going to be targets for city officials to shoot at[,] I strongly question whether the city wants a subway”, declared Mr. Gardiner.

One condition applied by Mr. Gardiner in Metropolitan Council approval of an east-west subway was that the city consider rezoning adjacent Bloor St. land for apartment and heavy commercial development.

“It looks as if the city has no intention of rezoning these lands”, said Mr. Gardiner.

The existing zoning on sections of Bloor St. will be obsolete the day after the subway is built, sad Mr. Gardiner. As an example he indicated 17 acres of land on the south side of Bloor St. E. zoned for single occupancy family dwellings.