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No Meeting, Monorail Misfires

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Representatives of Monorail Inc., of Houston, Tex., last night telegraphed a refusal to meet Metropolitan Council today to put forward a metropolitan monorail proposal for Bloor St.

The refusal wire was received within hours of the meeting by Reeve Vernon Singer of North York from Murel Goodell, president of the company.

Metro Chairman Gardiner described it as “The biggest municipal flop in years. I make some bloomers, but not like that one.”

Minutes of a meeting held by Reeves Chris Tonks of York Township and Mr. Singer at the Adolphus Hotel in Dallas, showed that the only monorail representative present was Calvin Koontz, accountant executive [sic] of Orvil McDonald Associates of Dallas.

Mr. Singer last night described Mr. Koontz as publicity official.

The telegram received by Mr. Singer last night from Mr. Goodell read as follows:

“We agreed to meet you in a small informal session. We are not ready for any official meeting without first a thorough investigation plus conferences with our experts on what monorail can do in Toronto. I deeply appreciate your concern over the time element and spending of any more funds than necessary to cope with your transportation problem. While we know monorail offers tremendous possibilities to help Toronto best we must understand your problem by facts and figures. Yours truly, Murel Goodell, president, Monorail Inc.”

A statement signed by the two reeves asks that despite failure of Monorail Inc. representatives to appear, Metro, in co-operation with the TTC, make a full study of monorail as it would apply to Toronto.

The statement also was signed by Reeve Oscar Waffle of Etobicoke.

“We cannot lose sight of the huge ($200,000,000) estimated cost of building a Bloor St. subway and the long period of construction involved”, said Mr. Singer.

Mr. Gardiner expressed disappointment that the meeting could not be held. “I spent two days preparing my cross examination of these monorail people”, he said.

The Metro chairman said use of monorail for rapid transit in a city is nothing more than a sham and a delusion. He suggested there could be some merit in a monorail line to the airport.

TTC Chairman Lamport said that it has now been demonstrated that claims of monorail supporters that it could take the place of an east-west subway were not authentic.

“No doubt monorail could have some application, after complete study, for commuter service outside large cities”, he said.

Other TTC senior officials said the whole monorail incident has been embarrassing for Metro Chairman Gardiner in his negotiations with provincial and federal governments for financial assistance in construction of the Bloor St. subway.