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Reeve Says Monorail Could End Zone Fare

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Support for a Metropolitan monorail system came from suburban Metro Council members last night on the basis that its claimed low operating cost could eliminate the TTC’s zone fare system.

Reeve Albert Campbell of Scarboro suggested a commuter monorail system functioning 50 per cent cheaper than a subway would do away with zone fares.

Mr. Campbell said monorail may also serve distant parts of the suburbs better than an east-west city subway. “The subway will not reach the suburbs for years to come yet we are required to pay for it”, said the reeve. Monorail would drastically reduce the number of Metro expressways needed.

Mayor Don Russell of New Toronto[,] who recently visited Texas[,] where a pilot monorail line is in operation[,] said Lakeshore municipalities would accept one[-]fare monorail service any time.

Reeve Christopher Tonks, York Township, who with Reeve Vernon Singer of North York, instigated the demand for a full monorail inquiry, said TTC estimates on east-west subway cost still remain not proved.

“An east-west subway which fails to serve the suburbs could cost up to $500,000,000 and bankrupt Metro government”, declared Mr. Tonks.

The Reeve again accused TTC Chairman Lamport of distorting monorail facts. “It is almost beyond belief that he would make such incorrect statements”, said Mr. Tonks.

Mr. Tonks referred to Lamport statements that the Dallas monorail fare is 50 cents. The reeve said the fare quoted is not for regular monorail transit service.

Mayor Phillips said last night he will attend Saturday’s meeting to hear representatives of Monorail Inc. outline their proposal for a Metro monorail system. “It may have some use in distant commuter service but not city rapid transit”, observed the mayor. “Somebody is trying to throw a monkey wrench into the subway.”

Mr. Goodell will inform Metro Council that monorail can be built for one-tenth the cost of the east-way [sic] subway, carry 40,000 passengers hourly and operate silently.